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Account Opening Individual/Joint Account
1. Copy of Primary (and Joint) Client's Identity Card or Passport
2. Copy of bank statement or utility bill with the name of the Client printed thereon within the last 3 months as the proof of residential address
3 (For authorized person) Certified true copy of Identity Card or Passport (if applicable)
Corporate Account
1. Copy of Identity Card / Passport and proof of residential address of Directors, Shareholders and Beneficial owners
2. Certified extracts of Board Resolution
3. Certified true Copy of Director List and Shareholder List
4. Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation
5. Certified true copy of Business Registration Certificate (if applicable)
6 Certified true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
7 Audited financial statements for the latest financial year
8 Principal business address proof, waivable only if the applicant is for investment or investment holding and not operation

Please bring the above documents and visit our office below to proceed with the opening of the account.

In case of any question, please call (852)-34230000 to contact our customer service officer or email to info@greatroc.com.hk


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